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The Critics Have Said . . .

“Cole confronts some nameless, faceless force in motions liquid, flowing, often delicious, sometimes violent.”  The Chicago Reader

“…full of angst and abandon, eroticism and withdrawal.”  The Chicago Sun-Times

 “...her choreography springs from the groin...”   The Chicago Reader
“Cole does an excellent job of capturing a pure emotion.”   The Chicago Reader
“Cole doesn’t seem interesting in pretty dances: her choreography springs from the groin and cuts itself short with brisk staccato movements or bent limbs that direct the energy back into the body.” The Chicago Reader
 “…a weighted relationship, each winding her movements around the other to create a dense web of feeling and connection.” The Chicago Reader
 “…an exploration of female sensuality was daring, edgy and provocative,”  
The Birmingham News

“They pushed, fell, recovered, broke free and yearned all through a series of meticulously honed movements executed close to each other’s bodies.”   The Chicago Tribune


The Dance COLEctive Residency Activities

All listed activities can be adapted to meet the specific needs of the presenter.

Master Classes: are geared toward those who have some dance experience and understand the rudiments of conduct in a dance class. These can be geared toward any experience level (from beginner to professional) and for a multiple age range. Classes are best conducted in dance studio or gym with a wood floor or Marley-covered flooring. The Dance COLEctive specializes in:

• Modern Technique

• Hip Hop • Jazz

• Composition

• Improvisation

• Modern Partnering

Modern Technique Class: Margi Cole's class explores all the elements of modern dance.  Exploration includes basic form, performance of basic materials as well as an understanding of the principles and vocabulary attributed to modern dance. Margi’s classes emphasize correct alignment and the clarity and athleticism of movement while maintaining the individuality of each dancer.

Hip-hop: A fast paced, energetic style of dance that mixes urban movement and athletics, Hip Hop offers rhythmic and tempo variety and moves to contemporary music. It lends to a fun environment where students can let loose and find their own style. Classes are geared towards all different levels and ages. Attire: comfortable clothes and gym shoes

Jazz: This up-tempo class teaches a variety of movements from the lyrical to the percussive while maintaining basic principals of alignment and form. It incorporates strength and skill training, (i.e. pirouettes/leaps) and offers exciting movement combinations packed with technique and personality. Classes are tailor made to fit any level or age. Attire: comfortable clothes and jazz shoes/sneakers.

Creative Movement Workshop: This is geared towards a positive first experience with dance while addressing the concepts of space, time and shape through improvisation. Children develop their imaginations using games, props and stories in an improvisational structure. Attire: Loose fitting pants and a top. Bare feet, no shoes required.

Movement Workshop: A simple introduction to basic dance concepts in a nurturing, participatory atmosphere. Dancers focus on a particular style or dance concept (e.g. dance line, choreographic development, movement for theater students, etc.). The class must be conducted in an area free of objects (chairs, columns, desks) with enough space to for all participants. Attire: comfortable clothes and gym shoes

Sculpting Workshop: TDC’s Sculpting Workshop offers participants of any background the opportunity to hone their skills in the areas of observation and physical sensation. Participants take on the roles of sculptors and models, and are led through a series of events that command trust, creativity and observation through the use of a partner or partners, as they sculpt scenarios that can offer simple beauty or make astounding statements.

Past participant responses:  

  • "The 'sculpting' workshop you did in my drawing class yielded such good results. The drawings the students made afterwards were remarkable - some students had a breakthrough - they let go of inhibitions and worked directly, letting the material and the line flow... being connected to their bodies allowed them to be more open about expressing the model's body in a direct, 'felt' way." - Lynnette Lombard, Chair of the Visual Arts Department at Knox College Galesburg, IL

  • "A great way to appreciate dance -- it helps you understand the art form of the human body through models and explains the body shapes used in the dancer's craft; I recommend it for all arts-based schools"   - Bill Alverston, Artist and Class Participant.

Lecture/Demonstration: Lecture/Demonstrations are geared to specific topics (e.g. history of modern dance, developing a work, movement styles and types, etc.). They include performance and discussion. Margi Cole draws on her college-level teaching experience to create an interesting scholastic and historical approach to dance instruction. The lecture/demonstration must be conducted in an auditorium or gym with a wood floor as it includes performance samples.    

Panel Discussion/Guest Lecture: Margi Cole and/or TDC company members are able to speak to audiences regarding a specific topic as it relates to dance (body image, dance history, literary works and their influence on society, entrepreneurship, small business development, etc.).

The Dance COLEctive uses artistic approaches to:

  • Create new works (for pre professional & professional)

  • Set choreography and site-specific work for artists of all disciplines from the pre-professional to professional

  • Present evening length concerts in traditional or site-specific venues

If you have any questions please contact us at 773 604-8452 or



Our Mission

The Dance COLEctive aspires to challenge assumptions about how dance is presented, through the use of cutting-edge choreography, innovative collaborations, and inspired creative site-specific works.

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