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The Critics Have Said . . .

“Cole confronts some nameless, faceless force in motions liquid, flowing, often delicious, sometimes violent.”  The Chicago Reader

“…full of angst and abandon, eroticism and withdrawal.”  The Chicago Sun-Times

 “...her choreography springs from the groin...”   The Chicago Reader
“Cole does an excellent job of capturing a pure emotion.”   The Chicago Reader
“Cole doesn’t seem interesting in pretty dances: her choreography springs from the groin and cuts itself short with brisk staccato movements or bent limbs that direct the energy back into the body.” The Chicago Reader
 “…a weighted relationship, each winding her movements around the other to create a dense web of feeling and connection.” The Chicago Reader
 “…an exploration of female sensuality was daring, edgy and provocative,”  
The Birmingham News

“They pushed, fell, recovered, broke free and yearned all through a series of meticulously honed movements executed close to each other’s bodies.”   The Chicago Tribune

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Our Mission

The Dance COLEctive (TDC), a Chicago-based dance company, explores fresh approaches and unexpected twists by making and performing dance via solo and collaborative initiatives.  TDC supports and advances the creative vision and curiosity of its artistic director, Margi Cole, as well as partnering artists.  Dedicated to teaching and mentorship, TDC motivates and nurtures the next generation of artists in the studio and beyond.

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