The Dance COLEctive and Links Hall Chicago presented Revelry/20 Years on March 20th, 2016. 

Streamed Live from Links Hall, Chicago,

Tonight's Program:
Live Streaming produced by Nesek Digital
All Lighting Design by Rachel Damon

Artistic Direction: Margaret Jenkins in collaboration with Margi Cole
Music: David Lange, Andrew Bird, Zoe Keating
Costume:  Jeff Hancock
Performer: Margi Cole
This solo commission is made possible by a generous grant from the Rivendell Foundation. Music by arrangement with G. Schirmer, INC. publisher and copyright owner.

Who are you?
A response to the original work  Creative Candor
Artistic Direction: Margi Cole
Choreographic Direction: Madelyn Doyle
Movement Development:  Dance COLEctive members  and the performers
Music:  They Coyote Loops
Costume: Maggie Jarecki
Performers: Maddie Ackerman, Sarah Brom, Julianna Fields, Lily Jerz, Grace Rock, Caroline Willinger Understudy: Lilly Dziagwa, Members of the Riverside Brookfield High School Repertory Dance Ensemble.

There There
Choreographic Direction: Shannon Edwards
Movement Development: The dancers and Shannon Edwards
Music and Sound: Hank Williams, Nolan Wicklund
Prop Design: Steve Richards, Shannon Edwards
Performers: Liz Conway, Jamie Corliss, Dina Liberatore, Chloe Michels

There There is a continued attempt of Edward’s 2009 premiere of Their There.


Artistic Direction: Madelyn Doyle
Choreography: Natalia Alarcón, Jamie Corliss
Music: Ben Frost
Costume: Madelyn Doyle
Performers: Liz Conway, Jamie Corliss

Kindred Thing (2003)
Choreographic Direction:
Movement Development: Amy Jarvis Hori & Liz Diaz
Music: Yo-Yo Ma
Performers: Shannon Edwards & Melissa Pillarella

Secret Self (2003)
Choreographic Direction: Margi Cole
Movement Development: Ebony Lashay Bitner & Edna Radnik Madonia
Music: Yo-Yo Ma
Performers: Madelyn Doyle & Katie Petrunich

The Swell
Choreographic Direction: Margi Cole
Movement Development: The dancers
Sound Score:  Juan Alarcón
Costumes:  Jeff Hancock
Performers:  Liz Conway, Jamie Corliss, Shannon Edwards, Dina Liberatore, Chloe Michels